WONKS! Episode 9
"Politics at the Fair!"

Iowa is known for its first-in-the-nation caucuses, but only WONKS! has the infamous war stories of the political wannabes as they out-huckster the midway barkers for Iowans’ attention. 

WONKS! Presents
"Sports & the Media ...and a Little Politics - Part 2"

WONKS! drills deeper into the issue of "Sports & the Media" as we hear about college athletics from the business side. When did athletic departments get so powerful – and how did it happen? Are there racial barriers in college sports? And we discuss the plight of the youngest athletes, from participation trophies to the over emphasis on sport specialization. 


WONKS! Presents
"Sports & the Media ...and a Little Politics - Part 1"


The chemistry & conflict of sports goes beyond the teams and events. It's in the media coverage. It's in the administration by owners, coaches and boards. It's even among the athletes themselves. In this WONKS!, the first of two dealing with the topic, we hear from Iowa Cubs Owner Michael Gartner; journalists Andy Garman, Tom Witosky, and Heather Burnside; iconic athletes Natasha Kaiser-Brown and Adam Emenecker; and University of Missouri Associate Athletic Director Brian Brown. Hosted by Kevin Cooney and recorded live from Noce Jazz Cabaret in Des Moines.

WONKS! is politics like you’ve never seen!

A delightful discussion and debate where the emphasis is on fun. Campaign managers, staffers, reporters and more telling tales you’ve never heard from behind the scenes of the biggest political campaigns.


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