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"Women & Politics"

Monday, May 21st 
Doors 6:00 - Show Begins 7:05
NOCE Jazz Cabaret - 1326 Walnut - Des Moines

Free Admission!

Hello again, WONKS-ers!

We are back live May 21st at Noce with another wonderful topic and panel.

This month the topic is Women & Politics, and our experienced panel will take a detailed look at all aspects of the political world from their perspectives.

We will have those who have been elected and those who have led campaigns.

Panelists for this month:

Mary Kramer’s life includes extensive experience in politics, business and education. She has served as an Ambassador, President of the Iowa Senate and recently was tasked with advising lawmakers on eliminating harassment in the Iowa Senate.

Bonnie Campbell served as Iowa’s Attorney General and ran for governor. She was selected by President Clinton to establish the Office On Violence Against Women in the U. S. Department of Justice. She is a powerful voice in Iowa Democratic politics.

Melissa Gesing made headlines during the most recent Presidential Campaign. She was serving as president of the Iowa Federation if Republican Women but decided to resign because, in her words, “I cannot in good conscience lead this organization or look at myself in the mirror each morning if I do not take a stand against the racism, sexism and hate that Donald J. Trump continues to promote.”

Jessica Vanden Berg managed Christie Vilsack’s congressional campaign, served as chief of staff for Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, was a senior advisor to Senator James Webb of Virginia and currently is a partner in the political consulting firm of Maverick Strategies and Mail.

The conversation includes veteran journalist Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa, and nationally recognized pollster Ann Selzer.

Co-hosts Dennis Goldford and I will take a proverbial back seat for most of the show because we feel we just should. Seriously. The topic is Women & Politics, not women and a couple of guys and politics!

WONKS! will also have a special live streaming edition immediately following the May 30th Democratic Gubernatorial debate. Just after the debate concludes, we’ll be live at our website and on our Facebook page. We will “go to the ‘Matts’” with Matt Paul handling the left brain, Matt Strawn the right brain, and Ann Selzer will be the brain trust. I will attempt to keep order at The Iowa Taproom.

Hope you’ll listen in May 30 at 8 pm.

-Kevin Cooney

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