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WONKS! Episode 8 - Sports & The Media ...and a Little Politics - Part 2


WONKS! drills deeper into the issue of "Sports & the Media" as we hear about college athletics from the business side. When did athletic departments get so powerful – and how did it happen? Are there racial barriers in college sports? And we discuss the plight of the youngest athletes, from participation trophies to the over-emphasis on sport specialization. 

With Olympian Natasha Kaiser Brown, Iowa Cubs Owner Michael Gartner, investigative sports journalist Tom Witosky, Drake basketball legend Adam Emmenecker, KXNO Host Heather Burnside, Missouri Associate Athletic Director Brian Brown, and KCCI TV Sports Director Andy Garman. Hosted by Kevin Cooney and recorded before a live audience at Noce Jazz Cabaret in Des Moines, Iowa.


WONKS! Episode 8 - Sports & The Media ...and a Little Politics - Part 1


The chemistry & conflict of sports goes beyond the teams and events. It's in the media coverage. It's in the administration by owners, coaches and boards. It's even among the athletes themselves. In this WONKS!, the first of two dealing with the topic, we hear from Iowa Cubs Owner Michael Gartner; journalists Andy Garman, Tom Witosky, and Heather Burnside; iconic athletes Natasha Kaiser-Brown and Adam Emenecker; and University of Missouri Associate Athletic Director Brian Brown. Hosted by Kevin Cooney and recorded live from Noce Jazz Cabaret in Des Moines. 


WONKS! Episode 6 - Women & Politics


A former president of the Iowa Senate and former Iowa Attorney General join two experienced political campaign experts to assess the past, present, and future of women in Iowa politics. With Mary Kramer, Bonnie Campbell, Melissa Gesing and Jessica Vanden Berg! Veteran reporter Kay Henderson and nationally recognized pollster Ann Selzer join in. Recorded live at the Noce Jazz Cabaret in Des Moines.


WONKS! Episode 5 - Millennials & Politics


They’ll soon outnumber Baby Boomers as the biggest generation. But who are they and how do they feel about issues? Former Branstad & Reynolds spokesman Jimmy Centers and Trump Iowa Campaign Director Eric Branstad join Democratic Millennials Judy Downs and Kimberley Boggus in a free-wheeling WONKS! Journalists Jason Noble of the Des Moines Register and IPR’s Clay Masters are with Dennis Goldford and Kevin Cooney at the “Inquisitors Table.”


WONKS! Episode 4 - The Iowa Caucuses


The Iowa Caucuses attract worldwide attention as America’s first indicator of presidential preference. But these neighborhood meetings are not without controversy, history and humor. In this edition of WONKS! party and campaign leaders take questions on what works — and what doesn’t. Guests are former Congressman Dave Nagle, campaign and communications manager Eric Woolson, Democratic National Committeewoman Jan Bauer and former Iowa GOP Chairman David Oman. Joining hosts Dennis Goldford and Kevin Cooney with questions are nationally renowned pollster Ann Selzer and WHO-TV Political Director Dave Price. Great stories and great insight.


WONKS! Episode 3 - Politics & the Press


What’s the role of the news media when it comes to covering politics? Is that role different in the eyes of the politicians? Should print reporters be on TV? Are cable news outlets trying to change the government or just report on changes? The tables are turned as a panel of esteemed journalists takes questions from state party leaders and the audience. It’s good stuff! With Michael Gartner, Carol Hunter, Dave Busiek, Erin Murphy, Troy Price and Matt Strawn. Moderators/Hosts Dennis Goldford & Kevin Cooney. Recorded before an audience January 15th at Noce Jazz Cabaret in Des Moines, Iowa.


WONKS! Episode 2 - Money & Politics


Former party chiefs and campaign managers who spearheaded efforts for Barack Obama, Jeb Bush, Al Gore, Mitt Romney and more talk money! Who has it, who spends it and how they get it! As usual, Republicans, Democrats and journalists get together for fun and secrets... and everyone is still talking to each other when it’s over! Sue Dvorsky, Dave Kochel, Jeff Link, David Oman and Kathie Obradovich join co-hosts Dennis Goldford and Kevin Cooney and 100 of their closest friends at Noce Jazz Cabaret in Des Moines.