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Wee WONKS! - Mary Kramer's Musical Interpretation of the Iowa Legislature

Mary Kramer was invited to be one of the panelists for the WONKS! "Women & Politics" show in May. You may know we record our podcasts at the Noce Jazz Cabaret, where there is always a piano present. Host Kevin Cooney had asked Mary a few days before whether she'd like to entertain during intermission, but it would be our secret. We only had one microphone in that part of the stage and hadn't planned on making a podcast from it but it turned out to be the surprise of the night, and we couldn't resist sharing. Enjoy!


"Pre WONKS!" - Women & Politics

Previewing our Women & Politics WONKS!, some thoughts on women and how they are treated differently in the political world. With Ambassador Mary Kramer, Melissa Gesing, who resigned as head of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women after then-candidate Donald Trump made his infamous off-camera statements to Access Hollywood, and Jessica Vanden Berg who has worked as communications director with Democrats in Congress and on congressional campaigns. 


Wee Wonks - Eric Branstad

We heard a lot about Millennials and their impact in the 2016 election. Mostly the focus has been on the Sanders and Clinton campaigns. But the director of Donald Trump’s Iowa campaigns in the caucuses and general election says Millennials came out for Trump too, and they weren’t your stereotypical Millennials. Eric Branstad is just a couple of years too old to be called a Millennial, but he was thinking about them — a lot — during the campaigns.


Wee Wonks - Judy Downs: An Elected Millennial

They're literally the biggest thing since the Baby Boom. Millennials will soon overtake Boomers in numbers on the demographic charts, but is it fair to pigeonhole them politically? Do they really have an impact? Find out what WONKS! panelist Judy Downs thinks will be more important than just Millennials in a Wee Wonks! presentation.

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